Image of God

What sort of image of God are you holding? You might not be truly aware of what your image of God is without some effort to think about it, to look at what feelings arise in you at the thought of God. Many of us continue to carry images of God left over from childhood that might even be detrimental, but certainly could stand to be updated.

If you’re thinking that now might be a good time to update your image of God, I have something to toss into your consideration. It’s from a talk by the Reverend Dr. Kathianne Lewis, senior minister at the Center for Spiritual LIving in Seattle. Kathianne was speaking about what it means to operate in partnership with God, but her entire description depicts an image of God that you might appreciate (and that I find delightful!). She said:

“You’re moving into a partnership with God. This is God’s job: everything. God’s job is to bless you, heal you, empower you, enlighten you, lift you, guide you, nurture you, love you, live through you, make you vital, make you intelligent, make you wise. It’s a partnership; what’s your job? Your job is to let the universe flow through you, to be part of the flow of the universe – that’s your job.”

Isn’t that a refreshing perspective? How you do feel inside when you contemplate that image of God? It’s one to spend some time contemplating or at least to use as a basis for comparison.


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