One of the keys to remaining mindful of your spirituality and the blessings it offers you “on demand” is to surround yourself with items that lend themselves to that purpose.

Three calendars grace my home – grace because all three were carefully chosen for a year’s worth of positive benefit in terms of the mood each evokes. The calendar over my desk was purchased for its theme of “mindful living” and this month’s message reads: “Nothing is worth more than this day,” a quote from Goethe. The calendar by the door was chosen because of its theme, “the gift of Zen,” and this month’s message is “When your mind grows quiet, your heart begins to hear.” (No attribution given.)

Every month these calendars generously provide me with reminders to live peacefully, mindfully, and as much in quiet as possible, and every time I read their messages, I have another opportunity to pause and live in my spirituality. Even a few seconds of pausing to do that benefits my overall day.

And the third calendar – well, that’s full of pictures of happy, playful puppies. What more needs to be said!


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