Every Day

Something new has just been added to my “every day” schedule: giving our overweight Pomeranian a quick walk down and back up the steep-incline hill near our house. It’s a medical necessity: if she continues to gain weight, she will very soon have serious health issues. But she’s young enough that if we can get the excess weight off, she’ll feel better and remain healthy for, presumably, several years yet.

Helping Hillary lose weight won’t be achieved quickly – no instant gratification here. We will have to make the commitment to do the walk every day for the foreseeable future, and we probably won’t actually see the improvement happening. But we will continue the commitment in the faith that we are doing a good thing that will benefit her.

That’s like most things worth doing, including writing projects and spiritual practices and even working on good relationships. Do a little bit every day toward what you want to achieve, and ultimately what you want to achieve will be yours.


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