Appreciation: Staying Current

Expressing gratitude is something you’ve heard about hundreds of times. We all know the values to be gained from bringing a thankful attitude to all situations.

But here’s a twist on gratitude: appreciation. When you are at a crossroads in your life, it’s time to think about the people who have been instrumental in your success or your daily well being to that point and make a conscious point of expressing your appreciation for what those persons have done in your life. You may never have another opportunity. It will cost you little to tell them they are appreciated, and it will likely make a huge difference to them.

It’s not only at the turning points in your life, though, that such expressions of appreciation are important. Regularly there are people making an extra effort to make your life better. It might be your spouse; it might be someone at work; it might be the clerk who exerts herself to be efficient and responsive.┬áMake a point of letting these people know that you noticed.


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