Perspectives of Flying

Commercial airplane rides are known for providing a fresh view of things, a new perspective, the sense of enough room to reconsider life. A client of mine told me he planned to make use of his flights to and from India to consider the big picture and plan what would be next for him. I can’t help hoping he figured it out, even if what’s next doesn’t require my writing/editing services anymore.

All you need are a seat to yourself – preferably the window seat – without an overly talkative neighbor, a view that goes for miles, and maybe a small pad of paper for taking notes. It’s helpful if there is little or no turbulence. Those elements in place, your entire life can come into perspective, and you can see things you had long forgotten.

The trip to Dallas and back this past week was marked by sustained clear skies, creating the perfect setting for thinking. Though I couldn’t help feeling a little troubled by all the evidence of drought far below us, the terrain inside me seemed full of promise. And flying over mountain after mountain on the trip home reminded me that sometimes our troubles seem as insurmountable as a harsh, rugged mountain, but often all that’s needed is a fresh viewpoint and we can fly right over them.


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