Who Might You Be?

 We all had dreams, when we were kids, of who we might be one day. Some experts even say that the best avenue for determining your purpose in life is to look at what you were good at as a kid and what you dreamed of, back then.

But it seems that a better avenue would be to look at the dreams that have persisted for you. Yes, think about what you wanted to be when you were nine. But how about when you were twenty-nine, and then in your forties, etc.? I suspect that for many of us, it’s the same dream throughout our lives, with only variations on the theme. That’s how you identify who you might be.

English novelist Mary Anne Evans (better known as George Eliot) was one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. She gave us excellent advice: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

All that remains, then, is to get started.


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