If we were meeting in your office or mine, you would likely have questions for me. Below are what some of those questions might be:

Whom do you write for?

I have worked for private individuals who have books as well as shorter pieces like white papers. B2B clients have been in maritime services and industrial products. I am shifting my focus more into the niche of customers who need Christian messaging, whether that is overt or more subtle.

What are your qualifications and what kind of experience do you have?

As a freelancer, I’ve written for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.¬†Initially my copywriting expertise was gained as writer/editor for a Seattle public relations and advertising firm. Even after I became vice president of the firm, I retained my focus on the writing and editing services. When that firm opted to close its doors, I moved into a contractual relationship with the lead client to continue to handle its writing needs for company magazines, newsletters, annual reports, press releases, advertising, project reports, brochures, speeches, and even the company history book. I am experienced in writing, editing, and proofreading, and have worked closely with graphic designers.

Do you have specific, up-to-date training in meeting the copywriting needs of businesses today?

My copywriting skills are kept current through engagement with American Writers & Artists, Inc., the industry leader in copywriter training. I am an AWAI Circle of Success member. AWAI has widened my experience and capability in copywriting, especially for online applications.

Do you have an Information Kit you could send me?

Yes. My Information Kit provides details on the typical process, how long it takes to write your copy, Fee Schedule Guidelines, why I am particularly suited to Christian messaging, and how to order copywriting services. Samples of my work are also available.

If I don’t want to wait to get your Information Kit, how can I get in touch with you now?

Use the Contact form in this website or email me at jeangilbertson@comcast.net with an initial description of your project. I am excited to hear from you!