Whether you are a corporation, a small company, a writer with an unwieldy manuscript, a scholar with a book idea … I can help you with your writing project.

For most of my working life, I have earned my livelihood through helping other people express themselves through writing.

The benefits to you:

  • Your vision and concept for your project will remain intact
  • The project “voice” will be YOUR voice
  • We’ll set a schedule together and I’ll help ensure that we meet it
  • You gain from my reader’s eye, writer’s experience, and editor’s skills
  • I’ll bring to the grammar and punctuation my training in English and experience as a high school English teacher
  • If details and organization aren’t your strength, that’s okay – they’re mine
  • I can turn difficult or complex concepts into plain English
  • If you want to publish, I’ll help you look at the avenues

My first book project for a client was a company history: Two Men at the Helm: The First 100 Years of Crowley Maritime Corporation, 1892–1992. (Still available on Amazon.) Presently, my main project for a client is an autobiography.

Freelance writing/editing projects are conducted through my sole proprietorship – Jean Gilbertson, Writer – a registered business in the state of Washington.

What are you writing that could use a little professional help?
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