… you need it to serve you the best that it possibly can.

That takes a good editor.

Here’s a sampling of what I’m watching for as copyeditor of your project:

  1. Typos and plain old spelling errors
  2. Grammar errors
  3. Punctuation (yes, where the commas are placed makes a difference)
  4. Style (making sure the company style guide is followed exactly)
  5. Clarity, readability, tone, and flow (does the piece make sense as a whole?)
  6. Word usage (maybe the text uses discrete when discreet was intended)
  7. Organization (is the order of presentation the best for the purpose?)
  8. Does it hit the mark for the intended audience? What’s the UX likely to be?
  9. Does it effectively communicate the intended message?
  10. Is it consistent with the “house style” of your other materials? How about consistent voice?
  11. Are quotations accurate? Sources correctly identified? Statistics up to date?
  12. How about mixed metaphors?
  13. Are keywords incorporated naturally?
  14. Are links up to date and unbroken?
  15. What’s the grade reading level of the piece? Is that appropriate for the audience?

Your writers already bring a high level of professionalism to your company materials. Now, before your message goes out to the world, get it reviewed by a trained and experienced copyeditor.

Here’s a quick summary of my background:

Circle of Success member of American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI)                                               — Below are three AWAI certificates earned within the last three years.
Owner of Jean Gilbertson, Writer
“Everyday Spirituality” blog posts at jeangilbertson.com (12 years)
Master’s degree in spirituality, School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University
PR and Publications Manager for nonprofit think tank (13 years)
Vice President, Writer/Editor for Seattle-based PR and advertising firm (8 years)
High school English teacher (4 years)
Author of the novel Dancing on the Whisper of God

Let’s see how much better your communication to your customers can be.

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