I’ve always thought of my
spiritual biography as beginning with my
meditation practice – but that doesn’t account for
what caused me to seek an ongoing meditation practice in the
first place, which was, of course, my spirituality.

After about three years of a twice-daily practice in meditation, unexpected results began to surface. I was still making my living as a freelance writer for business clients, but I felt drawn to develop a spiritual newsletter that I called Life Stories. The subtitle was for increased peace and joy in your life. The printed newsletter was free of charge, mailed via the US postal service to people in 47 US states plus the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Soon another new thing emerged: I began to feel drawn to research theology schools and discovered Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry (STM). Though daunted by the cost, I decided to sign up for one class and see how it went.

I graduated from STM in 2004 with a master of arts in transforming spirituality. This background proves helpful in developing copy for clients that presents a positive, Christian perspective, even if the Christian frame of reference is not stated directly.

When not writing or editing copy for clients, I work on novels that tell stories with the potential to benefit other people’s spiritual lives. My first is Dancing on the Whisper of God (2014). Check out the book website, www.dancingonthewhisperofgod.com. I’d love to know what you think!

I live outside Seattle and am very active in a small congregation that blends United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),


(Author photo by Mark Bennington.)