Dancing on the Whisper of God
by Jean Gilbertson

How does it look when Spirit touches an ordinary life? Dancing on the Whisper of God is a novel about spiritual awakening set in the world of dance.

Though choreographer Calvin Tropp is no believer in prayer, he is compelled to respond to a divine whisper: “We are going to make a new dance, and the theme is prayer.”

But there are only 63 days to opening night, and there is no score, no choreography, no sets, no lighting plan…

Tropp, the score composer, and three dancers put their artistic reputations on the line — and see their lives transform.

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“It is always a pleasure to see an artistic discipline integrated into fiction and, of all the artistic expressions, ballet as a visual art form might be the most difficult. Gilbertson’s novel presents a creditable glimpse into the ballet world. Not only from the choreographer’s point of view but the composer, the dancers and the production staff. The anxiety that inevitably accompanies a world premiere and the ever-present component of fundraising are also depicted. Dancing on the Whisper of God brought back for me the agony and the ecstasy of bringing art to fruition.”
— Kent Stowell, Founding Artistic Director and
emeritus principal choreographer,
Pacific Northwest Ballet

Dancing on the Whisper of God explores the art of listening and responding to one’s deepest creative urgings. Blending the artistic worlds of ballet, musical composing, theatre, and spirituality, Jean Gilbertson weaves a story that will capture your imagination and awaken your heart to the unexpected mystery that continually whispers in our lives and invites us to dance.”
— Valerie Lesniak, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Spirituality (ret.),
School of Theology and Ministry,
Seattle University

“This novel will encourage you to take notice of the voice of Spirit within you and live into the transformation that results from listening to it.”
— Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader of the Centers for Spiritual Living

“…This novel brings to light the positive transformational power of prayer. Gilbertson gracefully succeeds in her effort by presenting an engaging narrative, well-written dialogue, and emotionally revealing characters, all showcased against the backdrop of a classic art form…”
— The US Review of Books



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