Facing Storms

Sometimes a week comes along that would fray the nerves of a Trappist monk. How do you stay peaceful and continue living in everyday spirituality in such weeks?

A week like that calls for reliance on your full repertoire of spiritual practices. Don’t be talked out of your meditation time; increase the time you spend in prayer; try to walk a labyrinth or, if that’s not possible, seek some time in a quiet outdoor setting. Journal as much as you can – it’s some of the most effective therapy around. If you have scriptures that are especially meaningful, now’s the time to repeat them over and over until they are memorized and you can focus your mind with them whenever you need them. These are simple things but in the heat of a frenzied week, we can forget that they are available to us.

What may be most important – well before such a week arises – is to cultivate an ongoing, ever-closer relationship with the Divine so that you have at all times the refuge of resting in Spirit. If you will do that, then when the storm comes, you’ll be able to watch it go by while you remain sheltered, held safe and dry and at peace.


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