The most important, most transformational, most grounding step I ever took was learning to meditate. That was in 1992 and since I was self-employed as a freelance writer at the time, I had the freedom to adhere rigorously to a schedule of twice-daily, 20-minute sessions of Transcendental Meditation. I can’t say how long it took but one day I realized that I had achieved the inner silence I had been looking for. My interior monologue could be silenced at will, and most amazing was the ability to “see” a thought start to form and to be able to simply refuse it – and watch it dissolve to nothing like smoke.

It might have been a matter of “right time, right place” for me, and I know that meditation doesn’t seem like the right avenue for many people. But if you’ve tried it and given up in frustration, consider trying again and becoming willing to give it time. Don’t even call it “meditation.” Just say that you’re going to take some time every day to sit quietly with your Spirit.


Everyday Spirituality

All of us live with our spirituality every moment of every day, whether we are thinking about it or not. The sweeter moments are when it comes to our awareness, enabling us to directly experience our connection with the all-encompassing Spirit, and a lot of us make purposeful efforts every day to notice that connection more. But there is no getting around the fact that daily life inserts itself constantly and demands our immediate attention, often for hours at a time, and we might go all day without realizing the peace and serenity that are available to us if we can only stop long enough to let them surface.

So this blog will be about two things: becoming aware of our spirituality every day of our lives … and how to experience this extraordinary gift on such a regular basis that it actually becomes our ordinary, “everyday” life.