12-Year Anniversary

September 13—five days from now—marks the 12th anniversary of this blog’s launch.

Twelve years seems like a good amount of time to be doing anything!

So, I’m in an anniversary week, and anniversaries remind us to pause long enough to remember the reasons we’re doing something, whether it’s being in a relationship, working at a company, continuing in a group, or maintaining a blog.

The foundational intention for the blog was to be about two things: becoming aware of our spirituality every day of our lives … and how to experience this extraordinary gift on such a regular basis that it actually becomes our ordinary, “everyday” life.

Those are still the foundational intention.

But that very first entry in 2011 acknowledged that daily life inserts itself constantly and demands our attention, with the result that we might go all day without realizing the peace and serenity that are available to us if we can only stop long enough to let them surface.

When those times happen to me – and sometimes they feel relentless! – the best thing I can do is sit in silence and let myself sink back into the awareness of the Spirit that is still there waiting. The connection to the all-encompassing Spirit never goes away, never abandons us. We have to keep in mind that if we’re feeling the absence of God …

it isn’t God that moved.

“I am the Lord, and I do not change.” —Malachi 3:6