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Just this week I added myself to Twitter – at long last, admittedly – and am slowly getting acquainted with it. What an onrush of information I’ve been missing out on!

But the best discovery so far occurred when I was contacted by a woman from the Philippians who has a short story of mine on her website. It is one of four that she has classified as “Inspirational Stories,” and it’s the same story referenced in the “Special Mention” box to the right of this blog post.

What a delight to find my story on her website! I hope everyone in her circle reads the story and also likes it!

If you read it and find it inspirational, drop me a tweet: @JeanGilbertson. I’d love to hear from you!



One thought on “Free Reading

  1. I always thank you for sharing your story and inspire a lot of people.I’m one of those people. I first read your story when I was in college and I did a dramatic oral reading on this story. I could really feel the character as I put myself on their situation.I understand the essence of life after I let go of the pains. Thanks for the story.
    In fact, I am proud to say that we are using your story to inspire our students and it is part of our literary studies. Thank you Jean. God may bless you always. I am reading your blog now. I love your posts. – maricel urkom, Philippines

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