Daily Miracle

I belatedly heard today a fabulous interview conducted by entrepreneur Brendon Burchard¬†of author Paulo Coelho (the new¬†Manuscript Found in Accra as well as the earlier book The Alchemist). I use the reference “belatedly” because the interview was published on the Internet a couple of days ago, and only today did I hear it.

In the course of it, Paulo Coelho made reference to his frequent prayer: “Lord, give us today our daily miracle and forgive us if we are unable to recognize it.”

You will see your own blessings in this quotation. Here are a few I find: (1) We can pray boldly and ask for miracles to occur in our lives. (2) We apparently have a right to at least one miracle every day. (3) When the miracles come, we might miss them if we aren’t paying attention. (4) Even that oversight can be forgiven, if we but ask.

My best miracle for today was hearing that interview!


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