Why Should You Seek Peace and Serenity?

An underlying premise of this blog is that peace and serenity are available to every one of us if we can only stop long enough to let them surface from within us, where we have buried them under the clutter of our daily lives and our constant rush of thoughts and activities. As wonderful as our gadget world is today, it has made it only harder to still our thumbs, take our eyes off our tiny screens, and go within ourselves to rest for a while in the abundance of quiet available there.

“Why would I want to do that?!” – some people will ask.

Why would you want to rest regularly in infinite peace and quiet within yourself? Because that’s where you find the answer to every question you can have about your life; it’s where you discover who you are and who you can count on yourself to be; it’s where you form an enduring relationship with God.

This is not meant to decry the busyness of lives today or the hunger to stay constantly in the information loop. Instead, it is a reminder and an assurance that your life can be richer, more balanced, more peaceful, more stable, more contented, in spite of your social and work structures. You can discover that within you is a warm, spacious place where you are always welcome and always at home.